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How to grow instagram followers in nigeria

Education, Instagram June 12, 2019

Get Instagram followers

If you are looking for new ways to grow your instagram followers in Nigeria, then you are in the right page.

Have you considered targeting people in Nigeria by interests that are related to your product or services?

In this post, you will discover how to grow your instagram followers in Nigeria in few steps.

It is not new that Instagram is now one of the biggest social media in the world. There are now more than 100 million people using instagram and over 40 million small businesses use it to promote their businesses and connect with their customers. If you’re managing marketing for one or more business brand, you must already have known how hard it is to attract new “followers” to your page.

Even though it can be a bit overwhelming to increase your page followers, making the effort is undoubtedly worth the stress: The average value of a single Instagram user can be estimated to be $200. While this estimate may vary depending on the business and industry, there’s no doubt that capturing the attention and loyalty of your target audience on instagram is important and worth the effort.

How can I get followers on Instagram for free?

Most marketers increases instagram followers through  paid ad, but why put in your money when there are plenty of ways to grow your followers without spending any money. In this article I will walk you through effective and free ways to increase your instagram followers in Nigeria. These strategies will focus on increasing your organic post reach and creating rich and engaging post because the more your posts get liked and shared, the more your reach and visibility increase. And ultimately, this is what will lead to the organic increase in your instagram followers. Also discuss in this page is ways by which you can buy real followers on instagram in Nigeria. We know some people didn’t have the time and effort to grow their followers and are ready to put in some money to buy followers. This is why we are putting this option into consideration as well.

If you don’t have an existing follower on instagram or perhaps you are just starting up your account, it will be advisable having at least one post on your instagram page to begin with, Thereafter you can turn to your friends, family or colleagues, and ask them to follow you. This is one of the effective way by which you can easily grow as a startup, because you can get the initial follower base quite easily even with little or no posting at all. Here are the other ways by which you can grow

  1. Use images as a regular part of your content strategy.

Posting multiple images in a strategic way can increase your instagram followers. Perhaps posting albums images other than single images may lead to increased like and  reach more audience as relevant images can still be a great way to increase engagement and reach on your page and posts.

  1. Post Interesting Things on Instagram

This is very crucial to your success growing your instagram page in order not to lose your growing audience. It is usual that most common reason people unlike a brand instagram page is because their posts or images are really not interesting. Therefore you need to make sure you post interesting things to retain your followers by posting engaging content that meets the needs of your followers. See “How to Write More Exciting Content for Your Brand.”

  1. Use Instagram Page Plugin on your website or blog.

Putting a like button next to your blog posts if you are a blogger is great for getting your content shared, the Page Plugin will help you boost your page followers as people coming to your blog or website can be easily converted to instagram followers

  1. Engage with other followers in your niche.

Instagram prioritizes posts that generate a lot of engagement immediately the post is published. So one of your major goal should be to encourage as much engagement with your posts as quickly as possible. you can start a Conversation With Users Who React to the Post. To do this, wait for someone to react to the post, and as soon as they do, comment on the post. You can also tag the person and ask a question to spark conversation and increase engagement. Also make sure you regularly leave reasonable comments in response to other people’s posts.

  1. Promote your page on your other social media accounts.

A simple ‘Like or follow us on istagram is unlikely to work. However, frequent pointing your facebook followers or LinkedIn connections to discussions happening on your page just might. Contests are still a great way to entice people to follow Your Instagram Page. If you are blogger or website owners, You can draw attention to an interesting discussion happening on your Instagram page by mentioning it in a blog post. This can boost your organic reach and thereby grow your instagram followers Also you can promote your contest on your site and to your email list, and make liking your page a contest requirement. Reference your instagram page on your blog can also increase engagement and grow your instagram followers.

  1. Keep your posts short and sweet.
  2. Some research seems to suggest that shorter posts (those between 100-119 characters) may result in the highest engagement. Other research suggests keeping your character count to 40 characters or less for optimal engagement.


  1. Offer an exclusive discount just for your Instagram fans.

If you offer services that require your followers to make a purchase, offering a discount for your followers is a great incentive way to follow  and like your page

  1. Don’t be afraid to get personal from time to time. People want to know there’s a real person behind your company, and will be more likely to engage with a person than with a faceless brand.
  2. Tag other pages in your posts.


  1. When you tag other pages, your posts appear on their wall and may spark the interest of those pages’ owners and fans.
  2. Create and share your own infographics. Infographics are one of the most shared types of images. Create your own using a tool like Infogr.am.
  3. Offer true value. If you’re posting content that fills a gap or meets a need for your fans, your posts will get liked and shared; and this increased engagement will naturally lead to increased likes for your page. Pay attention to conversations happening in your industry, and offer unique insights and commentary that add something to the discussion.
  4. Make engagement a priority. Answer questions and respond to comments promptly. Your Facebook posts are a starting point for great discussions – not a final destination.


Can you buy real followers on Instagram?

Some people ask questions like can they buy real instagram followers? If you are such type of person, then the answer to the question is yes. There platform where you can buy followers and like on instagram in Nigeria.

How to buy followers and likes on instagram in Nigeria

If you are looking to Buy Instagram Followers and Likes in Nigeria then you are at right track. We are going to show you several sites that offer Instagram Followers and fans in Nigeria at affordable prices and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Here we go! Below are the lists of sites that offers the buying and selling of Instagram followers

Nigeria site to buy instagram followers

Below, we have listed some site where you can buy instagram followers in Nigeria. Buying an instagram followers can be a better option for prospect who have money but have no time to grow their followers using organic means.

1.      Buy Instagram Followers on Buyrealfollows

5000 Instagram Followers for $10 USD, 10000 Instagram Followers for $20, 50000 Instagram Followers for $100 USD  and 500,000 Instagram Followers for $1000 USD. These followers are delivered 24-48 Hours, 1-3 days and 4-15 days depending on the amount of followers purchased.


  1. Buy Instagram followers on com

This site sells instagram and twitter followers in Nigeria with their Instagram and Twitter promotional plan, you too can make a compelling web presence online and make a positive difference to your sales and profits. They have several packages for individuals, companies, and corporations.


  1. Buy instagram followers nairaland

free instagram followers nairaland

Final Thoughts

While likes are certainly an important metric, keep in mind that engagement is the true yardstick for Facebook page success. David Baser, Facebook Insights Product Manager, reminds marketers that increased engagement should be their top priority: “User engagement is the best proxy metric for the ultimate success of [your] brand page on Facebook. It’s great for understanding how much distribution you are getting in the news feed, how many people you are reaching with your messages…From a fundamental perspective, that’s the most important thing for marketers to take away.”

Remember that likes don’t mean anything without true engagement. Converting social media followers to customers should be the goal. Focus on regularly providing relevant and compelling content, and your page likes will undoubtedly increase organically over time.

What would you add to this list? What’s your best tip for increasing Facebook page likes? Share below!

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