Mobility AdPay is a media company that offers digital services to businesses, government and to the general public.
Their Affiliate system is unique, which is geared towards street business promotions, creation of employment and entrepreneurs in nigeria and africa at large.

Mobility AdPay offers digital services to businesses, government and to the general public.
Mobility Adpay keep spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on facebook to advertise for her clients, until recently decided to affiliate people as publishers of client’s Ads. This is a means to share the resources to publishers, Create employment and Entrepreneurs.

The business idea you’re invited to do is to share post (mostly from their sponsors and about them) that would be posted to your dashboard when you login to your MobilityAdpay account on daily basis, you share  such to your Facebook timeline.mobility ad pay


Publishers receive payments every weekend. #1,000 if one Ad is distributed per day. More Ad more Money per week.


MobilityAdpay displays sponsors and invitation ads on your dashboard for shares Monday to Friday except public holidays.

Increase your points at will

Easily move from rank to rank by the comments, likes or page views you receive daily.

Refer and Earn

As referral is not mandatory, publishers earn more by referring other people to join their community.



To become a Publisher in mobilityAdPay requires one time #5,000 payment only. Unless otherwise stated. This payment when confirmed takes you instantly to the Basic Rank.
Benefits: Weekly #1,000 to #6000
Referral #1,500 each.


To become a leader a publisher must have finished his rank counter on the basic. The Ranks are calculated by referrals, commitment and visits per day. On each member’s Overview dashboard, the rank counter displays exactly your position.
Extra Benefits: #2000 on referral. #1,000 per week on shared posts.


Extra Benefits: As a professional in MobilityAdPay community, you enjoy the opportunity to earn a Smart Phone (Mainly latest Infinix) sent to your address provided at the point of registration, opportunity to be employed in our company as a social media personnel with a basic salary of #50,000.


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