• August 9, 2018 1:03 pm

Product Description

Intelligence. The sliding operator is controlled by micro computer chips.
Safety. The sliding operator have the alarm system which can prevent people from nipping,
Reliability. the sliding operator can work very well with low noise for a long time.
Energy Saving. semi-open function can help to keep the temperature and humidity inside the room
Convenience All the adjustments can be implemented with adjust controller.

Brushless motor, low noise and long service life
Worm and gear reducer, large starting torque, stable speed
Matching all kinds of access control system
Intelligent control system, easy operation and adjustment
Automatic learning and automatic inspection keep doors in the best operating state

Technical Parameters

Max door weight: 150kgs*1 for single leaf and 135kgs*2 for double leaf
Max door width: 600~3000mm for single leaf and 600~1500mm for double leaf
Opening speed: 100~550mm/s (Adjustable)
Closing speed: 100~550mm/s (Adjustable)
Opening time: 0~9seconds
Motor: DC24V Brushless DC Servo Motor
Supply voltage: Input AC110V/220V; 50-60Hz
Working temperature: -20~50°C

High efficiency and low energy consumption
Low noise operation
Microwave motion sensor, ensure safe passage
Low carbon design, environment friendly
With high-class rubber hanger roller, adopt imported roller bearing
A highly intelligent multi-CPU control system, providing easy adjustable function and high security performance
Low noise design (


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