• April 19, 2018 12:34 pm

Yes….in exactly 2weeks time, Cedarwood Bay Estate will increase from N2.5m Promo price to N4m per plot. It may even be earlier than that because of the rate at which people are buying the Estate.

It is the most preferred Estate right now for the following reasons:

It is totally Dry.
It has Excision, which means it’s free from all Government Acquisition & any encumberance.
It is a walking distance from the Free Trade Zone Express Road.

You can pay the N2.5m within 3months with no extra interest.

When Investors are flocking to a particular location, join them. There is something they are seeing there that others are not seeing.
Call me today on 07056620121, let’s schedule an inspection so you can be among the Lucky people to buy at N2.5m.


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