• June 23, 2018 1:37 pm

Product Description

8-way Indoor Wireless Intercom that can be increased to up to 99 individual extensions for multi room applications.

Multi-user (up to 99) Wireless Indoor Intercom System with easy two-way communication, ideal for communicating between multiple rooms.

This system is supplied with 8 x Individual Stations, with the possibility of adding a further 97 Stations at any time in the future for Multiple Room applications.

The stations are powered by 3-pin Plugs (with battery back up), and communicate by using Wireless Transmission (not via the electrical cables in the building) over a distance of 200 metres (line of sight).

They are very easy to operate, any station can call any individual station by using the following process:

Pick up a Handset.
Dial the Individual Extension of the Station you wish to call (every station has a unique extension number).
Press Call.
The Station you are calling will Ring.
The person at the receiving Station picks the handset up to open up a Secure Two-way Communication Link.
Put the Handsets Down to finish the Call.

A very useful Intercom for Indoor applications with Multiple Rooms, examples would be:

Offices & Business Premises.
Large Homes.

Power Supply: 2-pin Plug
Power Input: 220 – 240v AC.
Wireless Range: 200 metre (line of sight).
Two-way Communication: Yes.
Available Channels: 1 to 99.
Corded Handset: Yes.
Mounting Options: Wall or Desk.
Size of Station: 220 (L) x 105 (W) x 80 (D) mm.


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