• October 22, 2019 10:41 am

Hello every one i just came across a platform called *LAVITA_RICCA_PLATFORM and is really paying and secure I invested 40k and not less than 60minute I got an alert of 80k. LAVITA PACKAGES ₦20,000—–₦40,000 ₦40,000—–₦80,000 ₦50,000—–₦100,000 ₦100,000—₦200,000 ₦200,000—₦400,000 ₦400,000—₦800,000 ₦800,000—₦1,200,000 ₦1,000,000—₦2,000,000 ₦2,000,000—₦4,000,000 ₦5,000,000–₦10,000,000 it’s a platform that give you double of what you invest within the maximum time of 60 minutes Any one interested should tap on the link below Is only a trial that will convince you to do it https://chat.whatsapp.com/JqHFOtEFYhSEsBgV3s1DKx Or you can also call or chat up the Admin on 09034465852


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