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Looking for where to buy cheap clothes in Lagos. Are you looking for right places to buy cheap cloths in Lagos? Then you are in the right page. Kindly read ahead as we provide you with the top cheap market place in Lagos. Boutique owners buy cheap cloths from this Lagos markets to stock their store and sell at higher prices to their customers. You too can take advantage of this if you visit these locations yourself.

The basic human needs have been classified into three: food, shelter and clothing. Clothing is one of the most important aspects of life, we humans need to clothe ourselves in order to prevent our bodies from harsh weather conditions and largely because we all can’t move around naked.

Because the demand for clothes is constantly high, this article serves as directory for shopping for affordable clothes in Nigeria. There are many places to find clothes at a very cheap rate, I will list them below:

Where to Buy Cheap Clothes in Lagos

Lagos, sometimes referred to as Lagos State to distinguish it from Lagos Metropolitan Area, is a state in the southwestern geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Though being the smallest in area of Nigeria’s 36 states, It has an overwhelming population whose demands must be met. Lagos is the most economically important state of the country, hence creating opportunities for businesses across the country. There are about ten clothing markets in Lagos.

Balogun Market, Lagos

Balogun Market often called Balogun Ajeniya Market is a market located on Lagos Island in Lagos State, Nigeria. Balogun market is known for wholesale goods and the market has no particular address because it sprawls across so many streets on the island. Balogun market is recognized as the best place to buy fabrics, shoes and all sorts of wares. Balogun market fondly called Eko is the hub of textile and fabric in Lagos. Here you can get beautiful ready made dresses, laces and wrappers, as well as fairly used clothes. It is a large market that offers the best of affordable clothing in Nigeria. Have you visited Balogun market in Lagos? Kindly drop your experience down in our comment section.

Oshodi Market, Lagos

Oshodi Isolo is a Local Government Area (LGA) within Lagos State. It was formed by the second republic Governor of Lagos State, Alhaji Lateef Kayode. Oshodi market is a market located in Oshodi, a suburb of Lagos state, Southwestern Nigeria. It is one of the largest markets in the Lagos metropolis although it is claimed, by government officials, to be blighted by criminal activity such as pick pocketing and bag snatching, The market was razed on January 2016. Oshodi market located in oshodi is claimed the best market for Ankara materials, perhaps the display of beautiful materials there which leave people speechless coupled with the fact that these materials are too cheap and durable might be the reason behind the claim.

Aswanin Market, Lagos

How to get to aswani market. Aswanin Market located in Isolo is popularly recognized for being the market hub for fairly used otherwise known as second hand clothing.The secondhand market sector in Nigeria has expanded over the last couple of decades to cities across the country including Ibadan, Enugu, Kano, Onitsha, and Port-Harcourt amongst others. This market is usually dominated by low-income earners and part of the shrinking middle class that can no longer afford brand new clothing.  Also this market attends to the clothing needs of the teeming Lagos population. You get the best of fabrics at Aswanin Market at fair prices. If you are looking to buy cheap clothes in Lagos Nigeria, you may want to check out this market and tell us your experience in our comment section below

Katangua Market – Super Lagos

Katangua market popularly called bend down market or Katangua Market (super) Lagos is located at Abule egba in Lagos State.  Katangua market is one of the top markets to get quality yet cheap and affordable clothes. This market is best known for  second hand wears. The market continues to attract scores of Nigerians, including the middle-class, despite poor infrastructure. New consignments arrive to this market on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The clothes are priced according to their grades. If you are looking to buy cheap clothes in Lagos Nigeria, you may want to check out this market and tell us your experience in our comment section below

Tejuosho Market 

Tejuosho and yaba market: these are two different markets that are closely intertwined there are also great second hand clothes here at fair prices. Among the variety of clothing displayed here are beautiful pair of jeans. Tejuosho Market is an ultra-modern shopping complex designed and located in the heat of Yaba, in the location of the old Tejuosho Market which was a haphazard arrangement of wooden and metal stalls and shops. The old Tejuosho Market was devastated by fire in 2007. If you are looking to buy cheap clothes in Lagos Nigeria, you may want to check out this market and tell us your experience in our comment section below

Yaba Cloth Market

If you are looking to buy cheap clothes in Lagos Nigeria, you may want to check out  Yaba market as well  and tell us your experience in our comment section below. Yaba is a suburb located on Lagos Mainland, Lagos in Lagos State.  In recent times, Yaba market had been the house or major market for almost everyone living around the vicinity. There are various markets located inside the Yaba market, varying from clothe boutiques to sports complex and food items.

Others Market in Lagos Nigeria

Alaba International Market

Jankara Market

Oyingbo Market

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