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What Is The Value of Education In Nigeria

I could remember when I was young as a teenager there were numerous amazing quotes and sayings that were usually enchanted into my ears. Such include:

education is the best legacy

children of today are leaders of tomorrow

study hard so you may have a brighter future.

But to be candid, I still can’t easily be assured or convinced that these sayings or quotes are true concerning the value of education in Nigeria , after all the old people of these country have turned leadership into, for themselves.

Youths are not encouraged to work hard academically, others who want to work hard are impeded due to numerous factors.

Few weeks back, there was a TV show which was characterized by immorality and indecency in which all sorts of shameful, terrible and ungodly habits were being displayed worldwide on TV, by some lads and lasses. After the so-called TV show, the winners were honoured with very huge amount of money worth about 45 Million naira.

The question here is where is morality, where is the future heading?

In the world of yesterday, people who are innovative, creative, intelligent and hardworking are the most commonly celebrated, whereas, today, there is nothing of such! Immorality is something Nigerians were against in the past. Today, however, winners of immoral shows are being celebrated and revered by people. To such an extent that one would think that these individuals have achieved some laurels and awards for innovation; or have introduced a new sophisticated technology that could help solve the people’s problem.

Yet, what touches and baffles me most is the ordeal of many outstanding students who are performing excellently in their various centers of learning. Imagine the best graduating student of a higher institution being offered ₦10,000 as a reward. After four or five years. Just imagine!

Some, from a particular university, won themselves ₦1,000 each after graduating as the best students in their department. Where is the encouragement in education? where is the value of education in Nigeria?

The state of education in Nigeria

Students who have graduated with excellent results, indeed, should deserve a better treatment than the former, for their laborious meritorious efforts towards study. However, the world of today is not so! most especially in Nigeria per say.

The reality is that these individuals have crossed uncountable hurdles, bottlenecks, barriers, limitations, challenges before attaining or being the best graduating student. University scholars and outperforming polytechnic graduates must have made numerous sacrifices before achieving that for at least 4 years.

They must have invested greatly in their academics solely to reach the dreamland they have been told over the years to attain. However, today, a young man will display porn without shame and in a month earn millions of naira.

One major characteristic of high performing student in this country is their astonishing endurance and perseverance to achieve, attain and maintain excellence. I know many who undergo nights with empty belly; use their feeding allowance to buy textbooks, read almost throughout their days in school, spend their leisure time mostly in tutoring, guiding and helping other students free.

Last week, a friend told me that he knows of someone who bagged a first class at degree level and also has a master’s degree but receiving only a token sum of N12,000 monthly as a teacher. This is truly an indication of the state of the absurdity and dwindling love for education in the society of today, what will make the pupils or students convinced that if they read hard or study hard that they will have a brighter future when the fact is immorality is being celebrated at the expense of education.

What about the work published by many students who conducted researches. and whose results will be beneficial to mankind in its entirety; but ended up in the bin due to lack of support? What about the talented young engineers who with their innovative ideas were able to invent something revolutionary; who is there to support them? In fact their dreams which they have sacrificed their money, time, energy and resources for were wasted, brushed under the table due to lack of support and being wasted.

As a saying goes, that “good deserves good,” I am of the view that such individuals who are performing wonderfully and excellently in their academics are supposed to be venerated and honoured by the society, than shameless individuals flaunting on promiscuous shows. They are even being held as role models nowadays. In the absence of such, the educational system would languish in the limbo of forgetfulness.

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One key to attainment of success in life is motivation. It plays a major role in stimulating people to get into action, work hard and achieve success. It initiates, controls, guides, maintains and stimulates goal oriented behaviours. Hence awarding promiscuous individuals will, accordingly, drive and stimulate the youth as well as the potentials to indecency and immorality.

However, If students who perform brilliantly are motivated by receiving meritorious awards, support to proceed with their education, the upcoming generation will surely be stimulated to work hard and attain excellence academically, which will give rise to a hopeful future with scientists ensuring the sustainability of technology.

To all those in their right sense, I am sure that what baffles me, perturbs and also disturb my mind, also do same to you.

So, abstain from immoral shows and live with a purpose in life. Don’t waste your time watching other people’s lifestyles. Fight for yourself so that one day you will surely be whom you want to be, and make your mark.

Malcom X says “Education is our passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

It is thus high time that support for education became intensified by government and nongovernmental organizations. So as to make the younger generation prepare for the future and make them believe in education.

Indeed, enough is enough. Enough of this moral decadence and degeneracy. Otherwise, future generations will suffer from our actions.

Mubaraq Abdulwahab is a 500 level student from Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto , Nigeria.

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