DO YOU WISH TO KNOW AN EASY WAYS TO WIN AN UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP IN NIGERIA? Winning a scholarship can be cumbersome  if you are not following the right steps. Here in this article you will learn an easy way to winning an undergraduate scholarship.
Many students today have lamented that access to funds, lack of adequate support, lack of motivation e.t.c have been the chief causes of failure in their academics. It has impeded many students from being the “shining star” they ought to be. This is because finance plays a critical and pivotal role in determining one’s success in school. However, there is an alternative to getting finance in school apart from support from family and friends which is scholarships. Scholarship and bursaries have been one of the most important sources of funds for many students, especially the high performing ones. In Nigeria for example, many organizations as well as the federal government usually seek for application from qualified students annually. Yet some students may qualify for any of these scholarships but won’t have access to information even after meeting the requirements. There are many reasons why you should apply and win any of these scholarships as scholarship plays critical roles in the life of a tutee. In fact, once someone wins this scholarship for the first time then as long as one maintains his CGPA, the awardee (scholar) keeps receiving this pay annually until he or she graduates. It becomes like a salary that comes once in a year as long as one maintains a particular CGPA (4.0-5.0 on a 5.00 scale). Winning a scholarship is an amazing feat, you will be earning while being an undergrad hence improving your productivity. The following are easy steps you need to take to to winning an undergraduate scholarships in nigeria .

1. HAVE A GOOD ACADEMIC RECORD: Absolutely! To win a scholarship in Nigeria is not an easy task, there are numerous brilliant folks out there with good academic performance (Both past and present). To win, you must be exceptionally good. If your past academic performance is not as required, it’s not late; you can start now at least it can change your class of degree and increase your chances of securing other scholarships with lower requirements. It also increases your chances of securing scholarships in the future.

2. USE THE INTERNET WISELY: The internet has been one of the important tools for youths to achieve or attain excellence. Today, it has helped many positively and did the opposite to many. Each year, there are more than 10 advertorials on scholarships invite on various dailies seeking for qualified candidates. Why use your data subscription for only social networks? Search Google with regards to applications available. Create an account on scholastica. Visit regularly, join platforms that share helpful information about scholarship, apply those available and you are on your voyage to clinching and start benefitting from this national cake. It is important that one checks his/ her mail regularly as it helps one to be updated.

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-The internet keeps you updated with all that’s happening around you

3. ENDURE AND USE THAT OPPORTUNITY: Applying for any scholarship may be challenging as many usually require signatures of the institutions officials (such as professors, H.O.D’s, Registrar e.t.c) of the institution you are studying in. Many students feel it is tiresome and stressful to go to these officials to sign. It may be challenging but one needs to do the needful so as to get to the dreamland. I know many students who refused applying for scholarships due to the stress. A quote goes thus “A negative thinker finds difficulty in every opportunity while a positive thinker finds opportunity in every difficulty.” One must learn to endure all these challenges so as to be able to win those laurels.
4. PREPARE FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP : After applying for scholarships, students are selected and shortlisted for a pre-selection exam. After this exam, the final list will be released. This clearly shows that to win, one must cross several hurdles. To win, one must be well prepared to perform excellently so as to be among those to be merited among the thousands application. Hence, once one receives a mail stating that one has been invited for the scholarship exam, one must prepare properly and adequately! It is often said “By failing to plan, one is planning to fail’. Always remember the POWER principle. Prepare, Organize, Work, Evaluate and Re-evaluate. It is important to note that there is no cut off mark as there is fixed number of persons that must get the scholarship. That is, the candidates determine the cut off mark. Work hard and prepare smartly, get the sample past questions for the scholarship and then practice. With this, you will surely win the scholarship!

5. IMPROVE AND MAINTAIN YOUR CGPA: Now, after winning the scholarship, to keep receiving your scholarship consistently (annually), it is imperative and critical that you maintain and if possible increase your CGPA so that you will always be alerted annually. Remember, that if this keeps coming you will be able to take care of yourself academically. It also motivates and increases the number of awards/ academic prizes and boosts your profile. Having the end in mind plays a key role in instigating you to work hard to win any scholarship you wish to win. In Nigeria, the following are scholarships one can apply for!

Scholarship Award
MTN N200, 000
Agape N100, 000
Addax Petroleum N100, 000
SNEPCO N150,000
NLNG N100,000
Chevron/Agbami N200,000
Shell Ng N75,000
Federal Scholarship board (FSB) N150,000
Exxon Mobil N70,000
Total Elf N150,000

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